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" A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. "

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If you have been struggling to learn the full extent of the Delphi Pascal programming language, this is your ONLY solution.

This comprehensive set of videos gives full coverage of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
in a methodical step-by-step process.

This DVD Delphi Video series covers the Delphi programming language step-by-step, focusing on the use of Object Pascal in object-oriented programming with Delphi (Delphi OOP) .

To quote one of our students, "Delphi must be the easiest programming language." How quickly you learn it is, of course, dependent on you. It is a very powerful language and mastering it will take time, depending on your background and experience.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more seasoned Delphi developer, you will benefit from this Delphi Pascal video series. It will walk you through the Object Pascal language step-by-step. You will find enough theory to build your knowledge and understanding of the Delphi programming language. And, you will learn by doing through the multiple examples built step-by-step in front of you.

Every Delphi CBT DVD includes a quiz at the end to test your Delphi and Pascal knowledge. And every Delphi DVD focuses on object-oriented programming. You will learn Delphi OOP from the ground up with an emphasis on using Delphi Pascal to build systems that are object oriented, creating re-usable code that is efficient and powerful.

Delphi CBT

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"I am a natural teacher. I created these videos to explain complex programming concepts in a simple manner so that all can understand."...Krikor

Student Quotes

"Your classes were perfect for me. I learned a great deal and was able to write my first company-required application in a little over two hours."

"The mix of theory and practice was perfect. Not only did I learn how the Delphi Language works, but thanks to you, I have a good understanding of why."

"Each session was filled with informative and practical information and practical examples to go along with the information covered."

"The teaching methodology was extremely effective."

"Your classes were all well understood, at the right level, organized and thorough."

"I was able to start immediately, and learn during weekends and evenings."