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If programming is your passion and you truly desire to perfect your skill and become an elite developer, read on. If your intentions are weak and you don't have the discipline to complete what you start, then this is not for you - don't waste your time or money.

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This Delphi course will help you to begin programming in this powerful visual environment. Upon completing this course, you will be able to simplify building object-oriented applications. Join world-renown Delphi Expert Krikor Mnatzaganian as he helps you understand the powerful programming features of the next generation IDE (integrated development environment) from Embarcadero. You can watch a demo of an actual live Delphi training class, which will give you a very good feel for the style of the video training.

To try out the code, you need to have Delphi installed on your computer. If you do not have a copy, or you need an updated version of Delphi XE2, you can learn how to get your copy when you put your email in the box below to watch the video on An Introduction To Creating And Calling A DLL In Delphi. This was an actual class that was customized for Robert Jennings ("RJ") of Miami, FL. It was recorded with RJ's permission (many thanks RJ) and is posted here as a demo of our video training.

I've also included a bonus starter project that imports an XML file - any XML file will do - and displays it in a Treeview. You will receive the download link when you enter your email address.

This is the beginning. Once you master the object-oriented constructs of programming, then we can move on to the fun stuff and talk about databases, web applications, web services and how to accomplish all this with the skill of finely tuned elite developer!


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"I am a natural teacher. I created these videos to explain complex programming concepts in a simple manner so that all can understand."...Krikor

Student Quotes

"Your classes were perfect for me. I learned a great deal and was able to write my first company-required application in a little over two hours."

"The mix of theory and practice was perfect. Not only did I learn how the Delphi Language works, but thanks to you, I have a good understanding of why."

"Each session was filled with informative and practical information and practical examples to go along with the information covered."

"The teaching methodology was extremely effective."

"Your classes were all well understood, at the right level, organized and thorough."

"I was able to start immediately, and learn during weekends and evenings."