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SOAP and REST Web Services

This Delphi CBT on Web Services includes almost 7 hours of Delphi training on the topic of Web Services. Most of the training focuses on SOAP web services, but the Delphi CBT also covers REST web services using Delphi (see below for more details on Delphi Web Services CBT ).

Delphi CBT

What do you get?

  • Almost 7 hours of Delphi training on Web Services .
  • With your purchase, you also get ONE YEAR of online support for all material covered on the Delphi DVD
  • Online support means that you can email or submit questions about your training and your projects (related to the material covered) and get quick answers that you can use in your projects at no additional cost to you. This will be available for one year with your purchase, and can be renewed and expanded in scope.

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What does the Delphi Web Services CBT Training cover?

Web Services CBT Training

On the left is a general listing of what you will find on the DVD. The Web Services Delphi CBT answers many questions like:

            • What is Distributed Computing?
            • What is the SOAP protocol?
            • What is a SOAP envelope?
            • What is a SOAP message?
            • What is a webservice?
            • How does a webservice work?
            • What is the SOAP webservice architecture?
            • What is a WSDL and what are its various parts?
            • How do I use a WSDL?
            • What is UDDI?
            • How do I access and use a public webservice?
            • How do I call a webservice?
            • How does a SOAP server work?
            • What are the port types in a webservice?
            • How do I create a SOAP server?
            • How do I create a SOAP client?
            • How do I use Intraweb to consume a webservice?
            • How do I deploy an ISAPI DLL or a CGI executable SOAP server on IIS 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)?
            • How does the HTTPSoapDispatcher component work?
            • How does the HTTPSoapPascalInvoker component work?
            • How does the HTTPHTMLPublish component work?
            • How do I use the AdminEnabled property of the HTTPHTMLPublish component?
            • How do I force my SOAP server to use HTTPS?
            • What is the TRIO object?
            • How do I use the TRIO object dynamically?
            • How do I use the THTTPRIO component?
            • How do I create a SOAP database server?
            • How do I use the TSOAPConnection component?
            • How do I create a SOAP database client?
            • How do I create a Master/Detail SOAP server and SOAP client?
            • How do I debug the SOAP headers?
            • How do I modify the SOAP headers?
            • How do I intercept and modify the SOAP Request envelope before it gets sent to the SOAP server?
            • How do I view the SOAP Request envelope and the SOAP Response envelope?
            • What is the difference between a SOAP webservice and a REST webservice?
            • What are XML web services?
            • What is a REST web service?
            • What is meant by "RESTFUL web service"?
            • How do REST webservices work?
            • How do I create a REST webservice server?
            • How do I create a REST webservice client?
            • What are some examples of publicly available REST web services?

delphi webservice examples


Webservice Examples (Delphi SOAP examples & Delphi REST examples):

The WebServices Delphi CBT comes with several SOAP and REST webservice examples. These are all built step-by-step from the ground up and include detailed explanations of all the application components and code. The source code for all the examples is included on the DVD . Following are the examples used:

  • SOAPGetStockDetails: A Delphi SOAP client to access current stock information.

    delphi SOAP example

  • SOAPConvertItServer: A Delphi SOAP server to provide various conversions.
  • SOAPConvertItClient: A Delphi SOAP client to consume the SOAPConvertIt webservice.

    delphi soap client

  • IntrawebSOAPWeatherClient: A Delphi Intraweb SOAP client to return a six-day weather forecast based on a US zip code.

    intraweb soap client

  • SimpleSOAPDBServer: A basic Delphi SOAP database server based on the Biolife table.
  • SimpleSOAPDBClient: A basic Delphi SOAP database client to connect to the SimpleSOAPDBServer using a TSOAPConnection component.

    delphi soap database client

  • SOAPMasterDetailServer: A Delphi SOAP database server using Master/Detail tables.
  • SOAPMasterDetailClient: A Delphi SOAP database client accessing and displaying the Master/Detail tables of the SOAPMasterDetailServer.

    delphi SOAP master/detail database client

  • SOAPEnvelopes: These are two examples in one application showing how to work with SOAP headers and SOAP envelopes in Delphi.

    SOAP headers and SOAP envelopes

  • RESTConvertItServer: The Delphi REST webservice server equivalent to the SOAP version
  • RESTConvertItClient: The Delphi REST webservice client equivalent to the SOAP version

    delphi REST server example

  • RESTYahooMaps: A Delphi REST webservice client example that connects to Yahoo Maps and displays a map of any city in the world.

    delphi REST client example

Step-By-Step: How To Setup A WebService SOAP Server on IIS 7 (32-bit or 64-bit):

The WebServices Delphi CBT video includes a section on the steps needed to setup an ISAPI DLL or a CGI Executable SOAP Server on IIS 7. You will also learn how to configure a 32-bit application on a 64-bit system.

FREE Utility Included: XML Viewer

XMLViewer is a FREE utility that is also included with the WebServices Delphi CBT. It allows you to view and analyze XML files in a friendly interface.


All this and more is packed on one DVD with almost 7 hours of Delphi training. It is available immediately for only $299. Order your copy today.

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